I woke up to sirens
I woke up to screams
I woke up to the sound of distant gunshots
echoed through the trees
the phone lines are all busy
So huddle around your TV
Until a white-hot flash of light comes
And the LORD sets us all free

our bed is a battlefield
and we’ve chosen sides
back to back
eyes open
passing time
sleep would be nice
so would a better state of mind
breathe quiet &
don’t close your eyes

your cell phone lights up at 3:35
just like it does every Friday night
password protected, you say “it’s alright”
I can’t ignore it , but it’s not worth a fight
I’m sure tomorrow you’ll tell me who’s on the other side
Or maybe next week
Or maybe next year
Or maybe never

falling out of love at an alarming rate
It seems like any day now
the wind will pull this plane into a mountain side
and I will sleep again
even if it’s alone

I will crawl under your skin
eat away at everything that changed you
then devour myself

falling asleep next to the enemy
isn’t sleep at all
our bed is a wasteland and i feel so small

trade secrets
things you never learned in school
things they never thought to tell you
like how to get what you need without getting involved
how to smirk and laugh and act like you are listening
to anything she says

I feel bad
But on the other hand

tunnel of light
you frame both sides
this must be what entering heaven is like

I wonder
if you can see me
from up there

garage band princess
you’re almost a mirage
a vision of what I should have
a reminder of all I have lost

you’re here and gone
I’m there and gone

then there’s miles and miles of road
as we make our way back home
I fall asleep in the car
an invisible string pulls out my heart

I’ll follow wherever you are

Stop checking your phone, there’s no missed call
Just the glow from the neon sign on the wall
Sit and drink and smoke a whole pack
Maybe you’ll get some confidence back
The jukebox starts playing “Where is my Mind?’
as you put on your coat and start heading outside
where the night air is damp with the sweat of young love
and memories are vultures that circle above




Eleventh Doctor Transformation in the form of Sailor Moon



Doctor Who: Transformations are Cool! by walanganumanpo

Sailor Gallifrey OMG


I just flailed


I saw the top one and I was like ‘wait tho this doesn’t look like sailor jupiter’s transformation sequence’ because obvs her pen is green

and now I’m imagining him fighting Galaxia

and partying with the other Senshi on a senshi planet

oh god


Darren Fucking King, ladies and gentlemen.

“Jenna is a joy and I lucked out again.” - Matt Smith

VIA belspond